Super Metroid Map Rando
Version: 18
Open: At each step of item placement, the item will be placed at a random accessible location. At the end, non-progression items such as extra E-Tanks and ammo are placed randomly across all remaining locations.
Closed: At each step of item placement, if possible the item will be placed at a random accessible location that was unlocked by the previous item. Non-progression items (except Missiles) are placed in locations that become accessible as late as possible. This reduces the amount of ways to progress, making it more likely that harder tech will be required.

The ability to crouch before jumping to reach higher ledges. Commonly paired with a Down Grab.
The ability to aim down to reduce Samus' hitbox to reach higher ledges. Commonly paired with a Crouch Jump.
Navigating heat rooms without immunity to heat damage.
Infinite Bomb Jump. Using consecutive bomb jumps to gain height indefinitely.
The ability to use the Speed Booster to store a charge, then fly in a direction until an obstacle is hit.
Navigating Maridia without Gravity. This is not required for simple underwater platforming where missing a jump does not leave the player stuck somewhere, or for falling down a submerged room.
Jump off walls, as taught by the Etecoons

Using SpaceJump to carry SpeedBooster's blue suit into some speed blocks that couldn't be reached just by running and jumping
The ability to break blocks above Samus while maintaining an ongoing IBJ.
Basic variant of jumping into a two block high space and performing the actions needed to clip up through the ceiling.
The ability to reliably jump while landing on a crumble block. This may employ the small amount of jump buffering the game offers.
Taking damage from an enemy to assist Samus in her movement
The ability to open a left-facing blue or green gate using missiles or supers. It's recommended to apply a number of tries as leniency.
Turning off Gravity Suit right after the start of an underwater jump to achieve higher height
Using i-frames to setup a jump from a spike floor. The i-frames are typically obtained by getting damaged by said spike floor
The ability to start an IBJ from a jump. Can be required in strats that need Samus to IBJ up faster or to avoid something near the ground.
Taking advantage of the smaller hitbox of spinjump and down-aim to squeeze through two-tile gaps.
Performing the same input as a mockball, but in midair, in order to maintain forward momentum while morphing in midair
Using a Mochtroid's movement to climb upwards by continually freezing it higher up
Using a frozen Mochtroid to clip through a one-tile-high wall.
Sometimes referred to as a Machball
Jumping off a ledge while moonwalking to fall with an uncapped speed
A horizontal bomb jump using a single bomb. Since it uses one bomb, it works with PBs as well.
Piggybacking on top of a climbing snail to get up a wall
Using a mid-air mockball to bounce off a surface with SpringBall while retaining previous momentum.
Quickly press and release forward and then immediately press jump (after stopping) to spin jump with no horizontal movement.
Using an enemy in a room to accomplish something that couldn't be done if it weren't there
Can use Ice Beam to freeze enemies to use as platforms, or as walljump supports, to reach higher areas
Force Samus to stand up, from a crouching position, by canceling use of the XRay Scope while turning around

A mid-air morph that has to be done within an elevation difference of 3 tiles (with a ceiling removing any extra room). It's a lot more precise than with more room.
From a submerged platform, setting up a single bomb jump above the water line to propel Samus up and out of the water. It's recommended to apply a number of tries as leniency here for the PBs version.
Repeatedly freezing a crab to climb up a wall, using no other support. This does not include the simple act of using a frozen crab as a stepping stone, even on a wall or in midair.
The ability to reliably spin jump while landing on a crumble block. This is much tighter than regular crumble jumps because the jump buffering does not help.
A horizontal bomb jump using two bombs. Longer range than single HBJ, much harder to execute, doesn't work with PBs.
Using grapple to propel yourself upwards, then continuously morphing/unmorphing/jumping in midair to climb upwards
The ability to pass through some enemies (Metal Pirates) undamaged by shooting.
Being able to glitch through the Mother Brain zebetites by using a frozen Rinka and iFrames.
Doing a gravity Jump in lava, causing Samus to take damage
Clipping into the Maridia tube from above by unmorphing.
Being proficient at avoiding Metroids
The ability to pass through some enemies (Kihunters) undamaged by shooting Plasma.
A walljump that needs to be performed at a fairly precise spot in order to yield the desired result.
The ability to get out of water by walljumping while the water is at its lowest point, and to do so in a timely manner, e.g. before a Yapping Maw drags you into a sand pit.
Setting up a Mochtroid climb from a sand floor, where failure in a suitless environment can mean death
Shooting a large number of off-screen shot blocks, overloading the memory and making it possible to clip through otherwise solid blocks. Only known application is Frog Speedway.
Manipulating a snail's position to setup a ceiling clip. Currently requires Gravity because all known applications are underwater, but maybe there should be a helper for that instead?
Reaching a higher than normal height with a jump, by morphing in mid-air and then turning on SpringBall while still climbing upwards. This makes it possible to use SpringBall while Samus is still climbing upwards, for an additional jump.
While performing a stationary vertical jump, it's possible to mid-air morph in a manner similar to a mid-air mockball. Doing this immediately gives lateral momentum equivalent to maximum walk speed. This is meaningless under normal physics, but has underwater applications.
Navigating deep lava without Gravity. This isn't limited to the Lava Dive Room, but it does exclude all rooms with just shallow lava.
Performing walljumps in lava while suitless
The ability to shoot a Super Missile at a precise location to hit an offscreen inanimate target, e.g. a Super block. It's recommended to apply a number of tries as leniency here.
Executing a jump that requires very precise timing
Can use Ice Beam to freeze enemies in especially precise positionings.
Moving along a 2-tile-high passage while standing up by repeatedly spin-jumping and then pressing down. The tech comes with softlock risks without Morph Ball, but this is the safer variant where Morph is available and no softlock can occur.
Canceling an aim angle while crouching and turning around, to wiggle to the right
A tech that involves mid-air morphing to drop a Morph Bomb or PB, then mid-air unmorphing to briefly hover above the bomb, then using the bomb blast to go just a bit higher than max jump height
The ability to reach targets on the other side of a room by shooting Wave Beam at the right spot in the opposite wall.

Getting up a 2-tile-high jump in a morph passage by mid-air morphing off the opposite wall
Being proficient at avoiding the baby Metroid
Executing a strat that requires waiting or doing the same thing over and over again for over 3 minutes, even with good execution
Using a frozen Beetom to perform a ceiling clip
Managing to break free of the water while doing a sunken dual wall climb, without the help of space jump
Continuous Walljump. Doing a precise forward jump that causes Samus to move back down right after the top of a wall while retaining her momentum. This leads to a tiny window where a walljump can be performed, still with the original momentum.
A tech that involves multiple damage boosts with precise timing. No room for missing one of them.
A precise walljump that additionally needs to done as far from the wall as possible.
Using the SpringBallJumpMidAir twice during a single jump to gain even more height. This only works underwater with HiJump. This consists of a tight variant of SpringBallJumpMidAir, then turning off spring ball, then a second SpringBallJumpMidAir all while still climbing upwards.
Using grapple jump off a Draygon turret. FIXME does it actually require HiJump?
Climbing a wall with consecutive walljumps very quickly, e.g. for setting up a full halfie.
Positioning Samus at the very edge of a platform, facing away, then turning around and jumping to initiate the jump from a position that is off the platform (and slightly below it)
Executing a gravity jump off a walljump
This maneuver involves manipulating baby turtle movement to group them together in a corner, to clear the rest of the surface to charge a shinespark. Much easier with morph.
Using Iframes to perform a walljump off a spike wall
For delayed walljumps that require extreme precision, in the vicinity of pixel+frame perfect.
Though using the same techs, the setup is a bit different for left-facing doors. It requires a dashing stationary spinjump into a doorcheck, then holding down as Samus arrives in the other room. Then use normal X-Ray climbing.
The ability to identify a bug enemy that moves in a diving pattern (Mellow, Mella, or Menu) and inches upwards or downwards with each dive. Once that enemy has been identified, subsequently making it dive repeatedly until it is at the proper height to execute a strat.
Moving along a 2-tile-high passage while standing up by repeatedly spin-jumping and then pressing down. Comes with softlock risks without Morph Ball.
Using a frozen Multiviola to clip through a one-tile-high wall.
A tech common to all ice clips except Mochtroid (which lines up perfectly so is pretty trivial). It requires either pixel perfect enemy positioning or the ability to force a standup with XRay.
Setting up an ice clip at exactly the right pixel, so the clip can work without the leniency allowed by an X-Ray standup
Using a frozen Puyo to clip through a one-tile-high wall.
The combination of a crumble quick drop, and landing on a lower surface and jumping back over the crumble block before it re-forms.
Being able to glitch through the second Zebetite barrier, clipping through it by morphing/unmorphing/remorphing on a frozen Rinka.
A general tech for opening right-facing gates from the left. Individual strats may differ, so requirements are left for individual strats to define.
Enter the partner door (which faces left in the adjacent room) with a stationary spinjump moving away to touch the transition with momentum that will get you stuck in the destination door. That destination door is right-facing in the room where the X-Ray climb happens. Then use the X-Ray's forced standup trick to climb up through in-bound walls.
The ability to start an IBJ off a jump on sand. Pretty obnoxious.
Being able to glitch through the Mother Brain zebetites by using a shinespark and iFrames.
A springball jump that starts with a walljump to gain more height. It often relies on the momentum change when equipping or unequipping SpringBall while morphed and moving horizontally.
Using a series of rapid, consecutive wall jumps underwater, on two nearby walls, to climb upwards.
Jumping during a spike in the speed-to-jumpHeight chart (when Speed Booster is active) to achieve a higher jump height than if done with all the available running room
Using a frozen wall crawling enemy (such as a Zeela or Geemer) to perform a ceiling clip
All-purpose tech for X-Ray climbing by repeatedly using X-Ray's forced standup trick to climb up through walls. This tech is uncoupled from different setups that place Samus in a position to do this.
Note: ROM may take a while to generate. For fastest results, click "Generate ROM" only once and wait patiently. If it times out, try again with a different random seed. This is still in an alpha stage of development, so bugs are expected. If you encounter a problem, feedback is welcome on GitHub issues. Also feel free to stop by the Discord: let us know if you find a cool seed (or a broken seed), if you have questions or ideas for future development, or if you're streaming the game!
Things to know
  • Certain items do not spawn until the planet is awakened, by exiting Pit Room (old Mother Brain room) with Morph and Missiles collected.1
  • Certain items do not spawn until Phantoon has been defeated.
  • Phantoon's Room is always two rooms away from the Wrecked Ship Map Room, and both are in the same area as the Wrecked Ship Save Room.
  • Items are always marked by dots on the map. Map stations, refills, and major bosses (G4 and Mother Brain) are marked by special tiles.
  • Missile Refill stations refill all ammo types: Missiles, Supers, and Power Bombs.
  • Gravity and Varia behave like Progressive Suits in other randomizers, each giving 50% reduction in enemy damage (stacking to a combined 75%).
  • Mother Brain has been changed to take double damage from Supers.
  • The current tile can be marked un-explored on the map by pressing Angle Up and Item Cancel simultaneously. To be effective, these inputs must be held while exiting the tile, since otherwise the game will immediately re-explore the tile.
  • Saving at a different save station from the last save will advance to the next slot before saving, so you can return to an earlier save in case you get stuck.

Known issues
  • Even if the tech is not selected, wall jumps and crouch-jump/down-grabs may be required in some places.
  • On Closed settings the game tends to be very stingy with giving extra ammo/tanks (other than Missiles).
  • Some sound effects are glitched (due to changing the music).
  • Some map tiles associated with elevators do not appear correctly.
  • Door transitions generally have some minor graphical glitches.
  • The escape timer is not tailored to the seed (but should be generous enough to be possible to beat).
  • The end credits are vanilla.
Change log
Note: Previous versions of the rando can be accessed by clicking the links below. These may take about 15 seconds to load.

Version 18 (2022-12-29):

  • Improvements to map/mini-map:
    • Doors are shown as 2-pixel-wide openings (vs. as solid walls in vanilla).
    • False walls/passageways within rooms are shown as 4-pixel-wide openings (vs. as solid walls in vanilla).

Version 17 (2022-12-27):

  • Music is based on map area! (This causes some glitches with sound effects which can be fixed later.)

Version 16 (2022-12-26):

  • Tech is partially cleaned up and grouped by difficulty for easier navigation.
  • Logic updates (diff).

Version 15 (2022-12-26):

  • Refining the behavior introduced in version 10 on how Phantoon's Room is placed:
    • Phantoon's Room will always be two rooms away from the Wrecked Ship Map Room (which is as close as possible).
    • The Wrecked Ship Save Room will always be in the same area as Phantoon's Room and the Wrecked Ship Map Room.
    • These rooms no longer have any tendency to be in a smaller area.
    • They can still be in an area with any name, including possibly Crateria.
  • Bugfix: Include Frog Savestation in the algorithm for balancing save stations.
  • Include good farm rooms (those with 5x Gamet spawns) in the algorithm for balancing refills.
  • Add "Map Rando" to the title screen.

Version 14 (2022-12-24):

  • With the rolling save functionality introduced in version 13, also advance the current save slot. This ensures that after a reset the default save slot to load will be the one most recently saved.

Version 13 (2022-12-23):

  • Supers now do double damage to Mother Brain 2.
  • Saving at a different save station from the last save will advance to the next slot before saving (wrapping back to slot 1 if the last save was on slot 3).
  • Fix graphical glitches that sometimes occurred when leaving Phantoon's Room before defeating Phantoon.

Version 12 (2022-12-23):

  • Fix an issue that caused new games (other than the first new game) to start at the wrong save location.
  • Fix graphical glitches that sometimes occurred when leaving Crocomire's Room before defeating Crocomire.

Version 11 (2022-12-22):

  • Using a Missile Refill station refills all ammo types: Missiles, Supers, and Power Bombs.
  • The current tile can be un-explored (i.e., turned back to black/blue on the map) by pressing Angle Up and Item Cancel simultaneously. To be effective, these inputs must be held while exiting the tile, since otherwise the game will immediately re-explore the tile.
  • Max ammo is shown in the HUD.
  • Restore rising acid in Tourian Escape Room 4 (unintentionally removed in version 8).

Version 10 (2022-12-21):

  • Replace the special behavior for Wrecked Ship introduced in version 9 with the following instead:
    • The Wrecked Ship Map Room and Wrecked Ship Save Room will always be in the same area as Phantoon's Room.
    • The area with Phantoon's Room will tend to be smaller than the other areas.
    • Note: Phantoon's Room can once again be in any area, including Crateria.
  • A new "-config.json" file is added to the returned ZIP, containing details about the version, random seed, and difficulty config used to generate the ROM.

Version 9 (2022-12-21):

  • Spread out the distribution of Save Room and Refill Rooms more evenly.
  • Add special behavior for the Wrecked Ship area:
    • Phantoon's Room will always be in Wrecked Ship.
    • The Wrecked Ship Map Station will always be in Wrecked Ship.
    • Wrecked Ship will tend to be smaller than the other areas.
  • Various corrections to the logic used for item placement (diff).

Version 8 (2022-12-19):

  • Add blue door in Tourian Eye Door Room, removing Gadora graphics.
  • Remove explosions & shaking in Tourian Escape rooms when not in escape sequence.
  • Restore sandfall layouts to be more similar to vanilla game, with only minimal changes to ensure safe transitions.
  • Remove the wall that spawned when entering Tourian Escape Room 1 from the right.
  • Set up door-specific FX correctly (applicable when entering rooms through a certain door):
    • Rising Tide left door: lava rises
    • Volcano Room left door: lava rises and room is heated
    • Speed Booster Hall right door: lava rises if Speed Booster is collected (Note: only happens until completed once, and the lava will never rise or be high when entering from the left.)
    • Acid Statue Room bottom-right door: acid is lowered
    • Amphitheatre right door: acid is raised
    • Climb bottom-left door: disable door-specific FX from the vanilla game, to prevent the lava from rising when entering from Tourian Escape Room 4 (except during the escape).

Version 7 (2022-12-18):

  • Map station tiles are visible from the start of the game.
  • Spoiler log is simplified; areas and a summary section are added.
  • Fixed bug in West Ocean that caused Tripper graphics to be messed up and G4 statues sounds to play.
  • Fix Wrecked Ship Save Room, which had a broken map instead of a usable save station (bug introduced in version 6).
  • Minor graphical fixes to map: fix external wall in Lower Norfair Firefleas Room, and remove an item dot from Big Pink that wasn't supposed to be there.

Version 6 (2022-12-17):

  • Upper Tourian Save Room is replaced with a map station.
  • Entering Tourian First Room no longer gives the area map.
  • Each area gets exactly one map station.
  • Cross-region arrow markers are added, becoming visible after getting the area map.
  • Fixed a problem where the new tiles (e.g., the concentric square map tile) overwrote water graphics.

Version 5 (2022-12-16):

  • Fixed graphics after leaving Kraid.
  • Unlocked camera in Spore Spawn Room so that entering from the right with Spore Spawn alive does not glitch the graphics.
  • Fixed graphics when entering Shaktool Room from the right (before Shaktool finishes digging).
  • Changes to make the in-game map more informative (more to come soon):
    • Refill stations (and the Ship) are marked by "+"-shaped tiles.
    • Map stations are marked by concentric square-shaped tiles.
    • G4 bosses and Mother Brain are marked by "X"-shaped tiles.
    • Items are consistently marked by a dot (and only tiles with an item have a dot).
    • Walls within a room are now consistently one pixel wide on the map.
    • Walls between rooms are now consistently two pixels wide on the map.
  • Added a description of Open/Closed item placement, and a link to the new Discord server.

Version 4 (2022-12-14):

  • Mother Brain rainbow beam no longer drains ammo (in case ammo is needed in the escape).
  • Mother Brain is marked defeated after the Mother Brain fight, so that if the player re-enters Mother Brain room Mother Brain will not spawn again.

Version 3 (2022-12-14):

  • Stop Crateria map from getting messed up when save station is used.
  • Skip map screens in file select. This was originally a temporary change for debugging the save map problem, but seemed worth keeping as a tiny quality-of-life change, making it faster to restart after resetting.

Version 2 (2022-12-13):

  • Fixed left door entrance to Crocomire Room and Mother Brain room.
  • Disabled demo (which was broken).

Version 1 (2022-12-11):

  • Initial release